Home Makeover Of The Year

This homeowner wanted a home to retire in and a place for his intergenerational family to reside in comfortably – a practical, down-to-earth space that had character. And that’s exactly what he got. Wynn Neo, director of I.D.I.D, made his dream home a reality, transforming the formerly drab and claustrophobic 4-bedroom maisonette into an open, airy, industrial-concept home.



Wynn used a single woodgrain laminate for the flooring and a simple plain white for the walls throughout the entire house to unify the different areas, blurring the lines where one section ended and another began. The white walls and pale wood floors gave the space an airiness it previously lacked, while the play on textures, darker coloured furniture, wood elements and metal accents provided contrast, giving the house character and an edgy look.

Greenery was strategically positioned throughout the house to add a naturalistic vibe while simultaneously softening the industrial edge. Wynn managed to blend the different styles and elements seamlessly to produce what could be a work of art. We loved how she made full use of the high ceiling to create an openness in juxtaposition with full-length glass windows. What a departure it was from the original cramped living room (above).







To further open up the space, Wynn knocked down the walls of the kitchen to create an open-concept dry kitchen, while maintaining the wet kitchen separate. The glass windows separating the two areas were a far cry from the original wall, which left only a narrow doorway to pass from one area to the other. Note how the tiled wall draws the eye immediately. In each of the living spaces, Wynn creates a focal point to give the eye a place to rest and establish visual interest in the space.





The largest bedroom in the house – the master bedroom – was big enough to house a walk-in wardrobe, and the homeowners were keen to invest in the luxury and convenience of one. This was incorporated into the back of the room with easy access to the bathroom. The pole system was used so that any subsequent adjustments and customisation could be made with no trouble.





One of the most stunning transformations in the house occurred in the humblest but also the most essential of rooms, the bathrooms. Here, wood effect tiles were used instead of laminates to reduce water damage, and the addition of colourful peranakan tiles made for a fun, eclectic look. The busy patterns also make the bathrooms lower maintenance, as it won’t need constant scrubbing to keep it looking squeaky clean.

With so many major changes made to the maisonette, this home makeover was no doubt the makeover of 2018, and it took I.D.I.D only 10 weeks from start to end. Not only that, the quality of the designs and work done was top notch.


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